ComKey Fiber Characterization Service is a series of tests taken on a fiber optic span to determine the integrity of the fiber, installation practices and performance of a desired transmission rate and/or Service. Our team is staffed to be able to respond to your needs on a timely basis. Analysis of the acquired data and corresponding reports are provided almost immediately after the testing is completed. The CUSA team has the expertise to provide real-time, on-site corrective action when problems are identified. For example, if the fiber plant under test has any deficiencies, the CUSA team is often able to assist you with immediate resolution by either dealing with the issue directly or providing root cause analysis. The result is an optimized network without having to redeploy crews at a later date, adding to the time needed for project completion.

Tests performed include, but not limited to:

  1. Optical Return Loss - Single wavelength, Bi- directional.
  2. OTDR - Multiple wavelengths, Bi-directional
  3. Power Meter and Light Source - Multiple wavelengths, Bi-directional
  4. Chromatic Dispersion - 5-10nm wavelength increments, Uni-directional
  5. Polarization Mode Dispersion - Single wavelength, Uni-directional



ComKey Trace Analysis Service provides an analysis of all your OTDR traces and quickly provides a clear, concise report detailing all necessary OTDR trace  data to properly commission your fiber optic cables. This is especially important when conducting dual wavelength, bi-directional testing of fiber optic cables that results in hundreds or thousands of OTDR trace signatures. Trace analysis can be conducted on any size cable.